Georgia Medicare Supplement When Medicare Alone is Not Enough

Georgia Medicare Supplement pictureMedicare is a great benefit, but it alone leaves you with some heavy handed cost sharing and coinsurance.  That is why it is very important for Georgians turning 65 to evaluate their financial situation and determine if Georgia Medicare supplement insurance is right for them.  Medicare has traditionally paid around 80% of seniors medical expenses.  A Georgia Medicare supplement insurance plan can greatly reduce your risk of a medical emergency or even doctor visits that are financially pain full.  In 2011 the Medicare Part A deductible was $1,132 and that is not yearly that is per benefit period.  If treatment exceeded 60 days your cost sharing portion is $283 per day and $566 for days 91-150!  Part B has a $162 yearly deductible and then you pay 20% of everything thereafter with the exception of excess charges which you pay 100%.  Excess charges are capped at 15% above what Medicare allows and can be charged by doctors that do not accept Medicare Assignment.  A Georgia Medicare supplement insurance plan can cover some or all of these charges depending on which plan you select.

Eligibility for Georgia Medicare supplement insurance

The Great news is that anyone turning 65 and receiving both Medicare Part A and B has an initial enrollment period in which insurance companies must sell you Georgia Medicare supplement insurance.  This period starts and last 6 months from your Part B effective date.  What is even better news is that during this initial enrollment period you do not have to go through medical underwriting.  Underwriting will consist of just a few questions that you answer on your application.   This is the very best time to obtain a Georgia Medicare Supplement.  If you wait there are penalties that you will pay and with very few exceptions you will have to go through medical underwriting.

Retiring and moving to a Georgia Medicare supplement insurance plan

There is also a guaranteed issue period for people who are over 65 and retiring in Georgia and are eligible for Medicare. Anyone over the age of 65 and losing their employer group coverage through no fault of their own may also apply with no medical underwriting. This period is 63 days from the day their previous coverage ends.

Free look and guaranteed renewable

When you purchase Georgia Medicare supplement insurance you have a “free look” period.  The free look period last 30 days and during this time you may return or cancel any policy you signed and have your premiums returned.  Another great benefit of Georgia Medicare supplement insurance is that it is ”guaranteed renewable” which means the company you receive your policy from must always renew it if you keep paying your monthly premium.

How to shop for Georgia Medicare supplement insurance

Georgia Medicare supplement insurance is offered by many insurance companies and there are currently ten different plans available.  Each plan by the same letter name offers the exact same coverage no matter who is selling it.  So plan F with United of Omaha is the same as plan F with Gerber, but the prices will not be the same.  This is why it is important to get quotes from an independent agent.  An independent agent does not work for a particular insurance company and can get you the same insurance policy for the same price as a captive agent that works for one particular company.  An independent insurance agent allows you to shop around without having to do the leg work yourself and their service is of course free.

Ready for Georgia Medicare supplement insurance quotes

Getting your quotes from us is easy just click the link and fill out the request form.  Unlike many websites we do not sell your information to a bunch of agents causing you a lot of hassle.  Your information stays with us and goes to just one independent agent who will pull your quotes and email them to you.  If you find a plan you like, simply email that agent back and they will mail you the application.  Very simple, now hassle, and no cost.

Supplemental Insurance for Medicare in Georgia by 1-800-MEDIGAP®

Supplemental Insurance for Medicare In Georgia can be a pretty important step for finding Maximum Coverage with Medicare.


About 12% of all people living in the state of Georgia are Medicare Beneficiaries and could save more money by finding the right Medigap Plan to cover the out of pocket expenses not covered in Original Medicare Part A and B. Turning 65 is a milestone, automatically being enrolled into Part A medicare free of charge is a great start to the Medicare program. But you may be left in the dark when it comes to finding additional coverage to maximize your coverage with out putting to big of a dent in the check book.

Well before you look to far, take a look at some of the Supplemental Insurance options available in your area. By law all of these Supplemental Plans are the same from company to company. Finding the right coverage plan for you is as easy as receiving free quotes and comparing your options.

For more information about Supplemental Insurance for Medicare call to talk to a licensed pro at 1-800-MEDIGAP or visit

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