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Georgia Medicare Supplement pictureMedicare is a great benefit, but it alone leaves you with some heavy handed cost sharing and coinsurance.  That is why it is very important for Georgians turning 65 to evaluate their financial situation and determine if Georgia Medicare supplement insurance is right for them.  Medicare has traditionally paid around 80% of seniors medical expenses.  A Georgia Medicare supplement insurance plan can greatly reduce your risk of a medical emergency or even doctor visits that are financially pain full.  In 2011 the Medicare Part A deductible was $1,132 and that is not yearly that is per benefit period.  If treatment exceeded 60 days your cost sharing portion is $283 per day and $566 for days 91-150!  Part B has a $162 yearly deductible and then you pay 20% of everything thereafter with the exception of excess charges which you pay 100%.  Excess charges are capped at 15% above what Medicare allows and can be charged by doctors that do not accept Medicare Assignment.  A Georgia Medicare supplement insurance plan can cover some or all of these charges depending on which plan you select.

Eligibility for Georgia Medicare supplement insurance

The Great news is that anyone turning 65 and receiving both Medicare Part A and B has an initial enrollment period in which insurance companies must sell you Georgia Medicare supplement insurance.  This period starts and last 6 months from your Part B effective date.  What is even better news is that during this initial enrollment period you do not have to go through medical underwriting.  Underwriting will consist of just a few questions that you answer on your application.   This is the very best time to obtain a Georgia Medicare Supplement.  If you wait there are penalties that you will pay and with very few exceptions you will have to go through medical underwriting.

Retiring and moving to a Georgia Medicare supplement insurance plan

There is also a guaranteed issue period for people who are over 65 and retiring in Georgia and are eligible for Medicare. Anyone over the age of 65 and losing their employer group coverage through no fault of their own may also apply with no medical underwriting. This period is 63 days from the day their previous coverage ends.

Free look and guaranteed renewable

When you purchase Georgia Medicare supplement insurance you have a “free look” period.  The free look period last 30 days and during this time you may return or cancel any policy you signed and have your premiums returned.  Another great benefit of Georgia Medicare supplement insurance is that it is ”guaranteed renewable” which means the company you receive your policy from must always renew it if you keep paying your monthly premium.

How to shop for Georgia Medicare supplement insurance

Georgia Medicare supplement insurance is offered by many insurance companies and there are currently ten different plans available.  Each plan by the same letter name offers the exact same coverage no matter who is selling it.  So plan F with United of Omaha is the same as plan F with Gerber, but the prices will not be the same.  This is why it is important to get quotes from an independent agent.  An independent agent does not work for a particular insurance company and can get you the same insurance policy for the same price as a captive agent that works for one particular company.  An independent insurance agent allows you to shop around without having to do the leg work yourself and their service is of course free.

Ready for Georgia Medicare supplement insurance quotes

Getting your quotes from us is easy just click the link and fill out the request form.  Unlike many websites we do not sell your information to a bunch of agents causing you a lot of hassle.  Your information stays with us and goes to just one independent agent who will pull your quotes and email them to you.  If you find a plan you like, simply email that agent back and they will mail you the application.  Very simple, now hassle, and no cost.

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Jan 102012

If you live in Georgia and are 65 years of age or older then you are eligible for GA Medicare.  Medicare is the nation’s largest health insurance program and it covers nearly 40 million Americans.  Because GA Medicare is a trade-off between what people need and what the government can afford to pay, there are some big gaps in coverage.  These gaps in GA Medicare are what make having Medicare Supplemental Insurance so important.

GA Medicare supplemental insurance plans also called GA Medigap plans are standardized.  What this means is that every plan of the same type must carry the same coverage, despite which insurance company is selling it.  Insurance companies also can only sell standardized plans that are identified in most states by the letters A through N (as of June 2010).  Any standardized Medigap policy is guaranteed renewable even if you have health problems.  Although Georgia Medicare supplement policies are standardized, premiums do vary from company to company.

As people retire they are usually on a limited budget and of course want to save as much money as possible, one good place to start saving money is your GA Medicare supplemental insurance premium.  It’s estimated that 80% of seniors are over-paying for their Medicare insurance policies. Shopping around to all the different insurance companies is a real pain.  A more effective and free way to ensure you are getting the lowest cost supplemental insurance is to use an independent agent.  Independent agents can sell insurance from any company.  A good agent will compare all the prices offered by the insurance companies in your area and then sell you the lowest price.  If you are dealing with an insurance agent that just works directly for one insurance company then they can only sell you polices from that one company.

To purchase a GA Medicare supplemental insurance policy you must have Medicare Parts A and B.  The process of buying a GA Medigap policy is relatively easy.  An independent insurance agent can mail, email or fax you the application.  With the advancement of technology some companies are even starting to take applications online.  Those who are turning 65 and starting GA Medicare and those who are older but starting Medicare Part B for the first time are eligible for the initial enrollment period (IEP). This means that you are guaranteed insurance coverage no matter what your current health status.  Insurance companies are required to sell you a policy and charge you their lowest premium for your age group regardless of pre-existing health conditions.  You may apply for a policy prior to the effective date of your Part B and request your benefits begin the same date as your Medicare to avoid a break in coverage.  The initial enrollment period ends after 6 months from turning 65 or from your part B enrollment date.  If you are not in the your initial enrollment period you can still most likely purchase a Medicare supplement policy, but you will go through underwriting and can be turned down.  Please click to request a free quote to find the lowest priced GA Medicare supplemental insurance in your area.  As soon as an independent agent is available they will pull quotes for you and email them to you.


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Dec 022011

Medicare supplemental insurance Georgia (Medigap) is designed to protect you from out of pocket expenses that are left by Medicare.  It is available for Georgians who become eligible by turning 65 and those eligible due to certain disabilities.  Medicare supplemental insurance Georgia is not sold by the government.  It is regulated by the government though and sold by private insurance companies.

The federal and state Georgia Medicare program includes Part A and Part B.  Medicare Part A is basically hospital insurance while Medicare Part B is doctor insurance.  Georgia Medicare allows you to have your choice of doctors, hospitals, and other providers that work with the Medicare system and perform Medicare approved procedures.  Generally, you pay deductibles and coinsurance and you usually pay a monthly premium out of your Social Security for Medicare Part B.  Georgia Medicare usually covers up to 80% of your medical expenses when you are not admitted to a hospital.  You are also responsible for any excess charges.  When you are admitted to a hospital Georgia Medicare usually covers most of your cost minus the per incident deductible of $1156 (2012) which you are responsible for.

medicare supplemental insurance georgia pictureA simple analysis of what Medicare does and does not cover leaves you understanding why so many people purchase a Medicare supplemental insurance Georgia plan.  Federal and State law allow insurance companies to offer ten standardized Medicare supplemental insurance Georgia policies. These plans are labeled A through N.  Every insurance company must use these same identifying letters and all the plans with the same letter must provide the same amount of coverage.  A company does not have to offer all ten policies but may choose which plans to offer Georgia consumers.  All companies selling Medicare supplemental insurance Georgia plans must at a minimum offer Plan A.  Plan A provides the least amount of coverage while Plan F provides the most.  These plans are available only through private health insurance companies that operate here in Georgia.  For the particulars on each plan please see the Medicare supplemental insurance Georgia plans page.

Avoid costly mistakes with Medicare supplemental insurance Georgia

It is important for seniors to compare Medicare supplemental insurance Georgia quotes before committing to a particular insurance company.  There are many companies selling Medicare supplemental insurance Georgia policies and some are more competitive in different areas of the state.  You can request free quotes from us and as soon as one of our licensed independent insurance agents is available they will pull your quotes and email them to you.

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Oct 282011

Georgia Medicare is a social insurance program managed by the Federal government and is the same Medicare that is in every state.  Some aspects such as Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental insurance are managed by the state of Georgia and the federal government.  Georgia Medicare provides health insurance for people 65, to those under 65 with certain disabilities, and to anyone with permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or kidney transplant.

Four parts to Georgia Medicare

Part A is hospital insurance which helps to cover inpatient care in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and some home health care.  There is no monthly premium if you or your spouse paid enough Medicare taxes while working.  As of 20011, when you go to the hospital you pay the $1,132 deductible of the bill per incident period.  That is not $1,132 per year, but per incident period.  If you are injured one month and then a few months later suffer a heart attack you will pay the deductible twice.   For days 61-90 that you are in the hospital you will pay $283 per day and days 91-150 you will be charged $566 per day.  After 150 days you pay total cost.

Part B is doctor insurance which helps pay for doctor’s services, outpatient care, durable medical equipment, and some home health care.  There is a monthly premium of $115.40 per month as of 2011 that comes out of your Social Security check.  There is also a yearly deductable that you will pay of $162.  Also whenever you use your Part B benefits you will pay 20% of any bill plus any excess charges that are charged.

Part C is called Medicare Advantage.  Medicare Advantage is health insurance from a Medicare-approved private insurance company that offers the same benefits or more than what is covered by Part A and Part B.  Medicare Advantage is not guaranteed to renew each year and is available only in certain local areas.  These insurance plans vary widely in the services they offer and the monthly premiums you will pay and required you to seek services inside of their network of doctors for the best benefit.  They can be a very good option for some who live in an area that has them available.  You can only enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan or change plans if you are in your initial or open enrollment period.

Part D is prescription drug coverage.  Part D is run by Medicare-approved private insurance companies and covers the cost of prescription drugs.  You will pay a monthly premium for Part D and any co-pays that your plan has.  If you are already taking any prescription drugs you will want to make sure any now plan you get covers your prescriptions

How to enroll into Georgia Medicare

You can apply for your Medicare benefits online.  It is quick and easy and there is no need to go to your local Social Security Office.  In most cases you can submit your application electronically and there are no forms to sign.  Your will be sent by mail.

You must be at least 64 years and 8 months old and not currently receiving any Medicare coverage.

Apply for Medicare

What is Georgia Medicare supplemental insurance

Georgia Medicare pictureAround 70% of people 65 and older will obtain some form of insurance to fill in the gaps left by Medicare.  Georgia Medicare supplemental insurance is offered by private insurance companies but is regulated and standardized by both the state and federal government.  Georgia Medicare supplements come in ten different plans with varying levels of coverage.  Plan F for instance is one of the most popular plans and covers all the gaps that Georgia Medicare leaves.  Georgia Medicare supplements are guaranteed renewable each year and if you buy your plan within six months of your 65th birthday (with few exceptions) the insurance company cannot turn you down for preexisting conditions.

How to enroll in Georgia Medicare supplemental insurance

The most efficient way to find a Medicare supplement plan is to utilize the services of an independent insurance agent licensed the state of Georgia.  An independent agent can get you quotes from a variety of insurance companies so you can compare the monthly premiums.  Most independent agents will work with you right off of the internet, but be careful where you go.  Some websites say they will get you a bunch of quotes, but what they actually do is sell your information to a bunch of different agents.  This quickly becomes a hassle as all those agents try to connect with you.  So make sure you are dealing with just one independent insurance agent.

You can go here to learn more about Georgia Medicare supplemental insurance and request quotes.


How to enroll Medicare Part D

Part D seems a little intimidating at first but it is really not too bad once you dig into it.

Use this website to search for a plan that covers any prescriptions you are one.

Use this website to enroll in a Part D plan.  You must be in an initial, annual, or special enrollment period to get a Part D plan.

Oct 022011

Georgia Medicare supplement provides a basic overview of Medicare and Medicare supplemental Georgia insurance also called Medigap.  Georgia Medicare Supplement will show you how to purchase insurance that best meets your needs at the best price with the least amount of hassle.  Georgia Medicare Supplement website is the property of Aquila Insurance and Centaur Medicare Solutions LLC.


Medicare is our country’s health insurance program for people age 65 or older. The program helps with the cost of health care, but it does not cover all medical expenses or the cost of most long-term care.  Medicare is financed by a portion of the payroll taxes paid by workers and their employers. It is also financed in part by monthly premiums deducted from Social Security checks.

Medicare Part A is hospital insurance that helps cover primarily inpatient care in hospitals.

In general, Medicare Part A covers:

  • Inpatient care in hospitals (such as critical access hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care hospitals)
  • Inpatient care in a skilled nursing facility (not custodial or long term care)
  • Hospice care services
  • Home health care services
  • Inpatient care in a Religious Non-medical Health Care Institution

With Medicare Part A alone and no supplemental insurance you will pay a $1132 deductible for hospitalization, the cost of the first three pints of blood (some places over $300 a pint), $283 per day for days 61-90 and $566 per day for the life-time reserve days 91-150 , and total cost for day 151 and on (2011). For skilled nursing facility care you will pay $141.50 per day for days 21-100 and total cost for days 101 and on.

Medicare Part B is medical insurance that helps pay for doctors’ services, some preventive services, and many other medical services and supplies that are not covered by hospital insurance. If you have Part B, you pay a $162 premium each month that comes out of your Social Security benefits (2011).

In general, Medicare Part B covers:

  • Medically-necessary services — Services or supplies that are needed to diagnose or treat your medical condition and that meet accepted standards of medical practice.
  • Preventive services — Health care to prevent illness (like the flu) or detect it at an early stage  when treatment is most likely to work best.

With Medicare Part B alone and no supplemental insurance you will pay 20% of all outpatient expenses, doctor’s visits, medical expenses, ambulance service, and medical equipment cost.  You will also pay any excess charges that can be 15% above the total bill (2011).

It is important for you to understand that Medicare does not cover everything, and it does not pay the total cost for most services or supplies that are covered.  If you end up in the hospital or in need of a doctor’s care you will have out of pocket expenses that for many could be very costly.  But don’t worry. Georgia Medicare Supplement is about to show you how to protect yourself with the least cost and hassle to you.

Medicare Supplemental Georgia Insurance

Georgia Medicare supplement PictureMedicare Supplemental Georgia Insurance also called Medigap is the insurance that fills in the gaps between what Medicare pays and what you must pay out-of-pocket for deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.  To purchase a Medigap plan you will want to request quotes, compare the quotes for the plan you want and request an application.

Getting Quotes for Georgia Medigap

Georgia Medicare Supplement website makes getting Medigap insurance quotes easy and very convenient.  By making a request for your quotes online you will save a lot of time and frustration by avoiding traveling to insurance offices, listening to sales presentations, or bringing “pushy” agents into your home. But, whatever you do, you want to make sure of a few things when getting quotes:

  1. Use an independent agent or agency to get quotes. There are two types of agents:
  • Captured agents work for a single insurance company and have loyalty to that company. A captured agent can only sell you products from one company.
  • Independent agents are contracted with many insurance companies.  An independent agent can give unbiased opinions and information based on their clients’ needs and sell you a product from any insurance company.
  1. Be careful about how many times you request information and from what web sites. Generally, requesting quotes from one website will get you the desired results.  Many web sites will sell your information to several insurance agents and this means you will get inundated with phone calls and emails that can just create frustration.

The good news is that when you request your quotes from Georgia Medicare Supplement Website your information will not be sold!  You information will go to only one licensed by the great state of Georgia independent agent.

Comparing your Georgia Medigap quotes

When you get your Medicare Supplement Georgia insurance quotes you need to decide what plan you want. All the plans are federally standardized so there is no variation in what a certain plan covers for one company and what that same plan covers from another company. However, what the different lettered plans cover does vary and so does what the different insurance companies charge for them. So, consider some of the information below to help you decide.

Nationwide the three most common plans are F, G, and N.  Medigap Plan F is the catch all plan that provides the most coverage.  Medigap plan G and Medigap Plan F have some form of cost sharing and therefore the premiums you pay will in most cases be less.  Plans G and N may save you money if you are in good or great health.  Please see the link to the attached chart for more details.

Medigap Plan chart

Purchasing your Medicare Supplemental Georgia Insurance

Applying for Georgia Medigap insurance is relatively easy. In most cases we will simply mail you the application though some companies are starting to offer online applications or faxed applications.   Other benefits of getting your insurance through Georgia Medicare Supplement are we will pay all postage, help you with the application if you need it, and track your application until completion.  Here is what you should know about applying for a Medicare Supplement Georgia plan:

  • Apply early. It generally takes at least two weeks for a supplement application to be processed.  If you are turning 65 be aware that some insurance companies will take applications six months from your birthday and all will take applications three months out.
  • Answer the questions truthfully. If you have to answer health questions on the Medicare supplement application, answer them truthfully. The company checks your medical records, anyway. With few exceptions, when you apply before six months past your birth month, you cannot be denied coverage and there are very few medical questions to answer.
  • Keep a copy for yourself. Whenever possible, keep a copy of your application for yourself. This always helps if there is a problem or question about something on the application.
  • Ask questions upfront. It is always best to get all of your questions answered prior to applying for the policy.
  • Remember to cancel your old policy. If you are replacing an older Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan, you must cancel your old policy effective the day your new one starts.  This keeps you from having double coverage and double payments with no added benefits.  Always wait until your new policy is approved before cancelling an old one.

When you request your quotes from Georgia Medicare Supplement you can simply reply to the quote email that you received to request the application you would like.

Please feel free to contact Georgia Medicare Supplement if you have questions, need help or already know what insurance plan you want and simply would like an application.

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For regulation and information on insurance in Georgia  please visit the Georgia Office of Insurance Commissioner -  (404) 656-2070 or 1-800-656-2298 (toll-free) Georgia’s regulatory body for insurance and insurance companies.